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Electrician in Charleston, SC

The city of Charleston is one of the fastest growing city in the US and those of us that are lucky enough to live hear know why. With all that growth it's only natural that a qualified electrician near you would be hard to find in a timely manner. Lindsey & Son Electric LLC is a local area company that prides ourselves on our exceptional customer service, quality work at a fair price.

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Under Cabinet Lighting.jpg

Local Electricians Charleston, SC 

 While we do all kinds of Electrical Work. I really shine at my custom lighting. Just take a look at the under cabinet lights in this picture along with some recessed lights and a fancy chandelier completely transformed this customers kitchen; without the expensive costs of kitchen remodel. 

What space in your home needs a transformation?

Know that you are in good hands with a Master Electrician trained to the highest level of education and over 15 years of experience.

Qualified Electrician in Charleston, SC

"Electrician near me in Charleston, SC"

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